My blog got attacked, taken down, fixed, attacked, and then taken down again. That was a year ago. I was head down focused on building and leading the team at Victory, and even though I had things to say it wasn’t a priority. Of course it helped that I had outlets to write, primarily at SundayMag, but the resistance of having to rebuild the blog had conquered me. For a year, at least.

But the hunger to have a voice in the work of others working in the church, to share my successes and failures, to be a creative leader to those that don’t have one, to help the artist in the church be the best they can be as they tell the story of Jesus. I want to help make the church the most creative place on the planet because the church is the bride of Christ, and as artists we get to make her as beautiful as she can be.

So take that resistance. Now, pull up a seat. I’m excited to serve you.