“I’m going to start a YouTube channel”. I bought the equipment, I know what I want to say, so why can’t I give you a link to the channel? Because I haven’t done it yet.

No one will watch. I’m not young and hip. What do I say exactly? What if I mess up? How will I do this everyday?


That’s what I thought it was at first, but as I’m digging into myself more I realize it’s the same thing that gets me every.single.time.


If I launch something, I want it to be perfect. Not great, not excellent, it has to be the BEST. And that’s not realistic. If I don’t let go of that, this channel will never happen. And the ridiculous thing is while I compare myself to Carlos Whitaker, GaryVee, Casey Neistat, if I really pause to think about it, their’s aren’t perfect. They’re consistent, they’re interesting. Shoot, my kids watch YouTube channels (actually Kids YouTube since I won’t let them watch regular YouTube) and the stuff they watch is downright terrible. Chase playing with random toys. Even as I type this I think I’ve figured out the trick:


What project has been in your mind for months, years, forever? I’m all for making sure it’s right, but at some point you and I have to launch. Take one step. Don’t think about all of the steps, that’ll just overwhelm you, it does me. It makes me not know where to start.

For me, I have another project, bigger than the YouTube channel and I finally sent off the email to get it in gear with the first real meeting. Now stop reading and go make that first step, go send that email.